we grade daily thousands of

    turkey Turkey

    Ladies Ryon Pants +++

    Ladies Cotton Pajamas

    Knit Pants

    Sweats Pants A

    Nylon Jogging Pants B 

    Nylon Jogging Pants C 

    Buzo Athletico (Top +Bottom)

    Ladies Cotton Dress

    Ladies Party Dress

    Ladies Corduroy Pants

    Ladies Cotton Skirts

    Velvit (Dress, Skirts, Pajama Elastic, Robes)

    Denim Shirts L/S

    Mens Cotton Shirts Oversize +++

    Mens Cotton Shirts A

    Mens Cotton Shirts B

    Cotton Shirts Heavy / Camisa Pasada

    Work Shirts +++

    Hooded Sweat Shirts A

    Athletic Jackets

    Athletic Tshirts

    Athletic Shorts A

    Athletic Shorts B

    Cargo Shorts A

    Hard Toys

    Soft Toys 35Lb Bag

    Shoes Mix 55Lb Bag

    Premium Soft Toys 35Lb Bag

    Towels - A 

    Towels - B +++

    Children Bathrobes

    Dark Suit Coats (With Lining)

    Glitter Mix (Dress, Skirts, Blouse)

    Brassiers #1

    Silk Rummage

    Lanceria Big Size

    Cotton Scarves

    Silk Pajama

    School Bags

    Baby Sleeper (0-6) +++

    Baby Rummage Medium +++

    Baby Rummage Light A

    Baby Rummage Light B

    Halloween Costumes

    Oversize Jeans

    Jeans A

    Jeans B

    Levis B

    Immitation Leather Mix

    Corduroy Jackets (Saco) Men A-B

    Shamo (Immitation Leather With Lining)

    Sweater Light L/S

    Big Carpet/ Floor Mats

    Comforters +++

    Boys Pajamas

    Bedsheet White +++

    Pillow Cases

    Rummanants Raw Cloth +++



    Panty Hose

    Mens Rugby T-Shirts +++

    Mens Tshirts S/S #1 +++

    Mens Tshirts Roundneck L/S

    Mens Cotton Pants A +++

    Mens Cotton Pants B +++

    Cargo Pants A

    Cargo Pants B

    Mens Cotton Pants Oversize

    Mens Dress Pants Oversize +++